Monday, July 5, 2010

Alles Vergangliche ist nur eim Gleichnis

Everything that is transitory is but a reference - Goethe

But the reference isn't to any thing. It is what is called the void, sunya, and it's called the void because no thought can reach it. So what these symbols are talking about is something that can't be talked about. They have to become transparent. They have to open. What we find then is that the ethnic opens to the elementary. One of our problems - and these are the two great sources, now, of the problem here in Western interpretation of these matters - is the Aristotelian accent on rational thinking and the biblical focus on the ethnic reference to the mythic symbol. These two pin us down to the world of facts and rational cogitation. But from this other standpoint, those are exactly what have to be transcended; they have to be rendered transparent and not opaque. (Joe Campbell) 

The Whitehead idea of misplaced concreteness is based on the confusing the symbolic for the referred. We see characteristics of a state and therefore see actualities as states. Symbols are like movies. A movie as reference to actual change is a collection of still images, the collection of discrete images when conjoined are not the change but only point to the process. What can be captured as state (the transitory) is but a reference.

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